Mitchell, Oregon, Gateway to the Painted Hills.


Experience a Different Oregon

Just 3.5 miles east of the Painted Hills National Monument, Mitchell is the ideal "home base" to discover the Oregon you've never heard about, but you'll never forget. Breathtaking landscapes, wildly diverse geology, and stunning vistas dotted with old towns and ranches are all part of Oregon's extraordinary and ruggedly beautiful interior.

Stay Close, Go Far

Book a stay at one of several local lodging options, head to a cafe or pub and plan your explorations. Gas up at the station, stock up at the store and head out! There's lots to see, and Mitchell is at the heart of it all.

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See what you've been missing.


Expand Your View

Hike, bike, drive or ride your way into the heart of Oregon and enjoy a quieter pace of discovery in Mitchell. Explore the canyons, backroads, ghost towns, and mountains surrounding town. Start with the Painted Hills, and let your palette expand from there. 


Frontier heritage.


Spirited Frontier Town

Downtown Mitchell might have a "Ghost Town" look, yet it's anything but dead!

One of the last frontier towns of the Old West, Mitchell has a spirited past and a lively present. Founded in the 1800’s, Mitchell has seen drought, flood, boom, bust, and back again. The frontier spirit is alive and well today.

Read up on the history of Mitchell, Tiger Town, and Piety Hill.


Hike, explore, do more.


See Oregon in a new light

There's more to Mitchell than the Painted Hills. Hike the vast Sutton Mountain Wilderness Study Area and discover high-walled canyons that lead to mysterious and quiet places. Take a perch at the top of the expansive, high prairie that looks down over the Painted Hills National Monument over sheer cliffs. Get a new view of Oregon.

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World class bicycle touring.


Roads, Gravel, Drops, and More

Whether you're a pavement lover, gravel grinder, or downhill demon, Mitchell has the world class roads and wilds to fit your style. Touring is peaceful with an average of 6 cars per hour on the surrounding paved roads. If gravel is your thing, there's plenty of that too. Strike out in any direction and you'll find paved, mixed, and gravel loops to get you out and back in a day. Elevation you say? There's all kinds of elevation to challenge your power over gravity. 

Mountain biking is a cinch too! A 2000 acre patch of land just 1.5 miles west of town is the perfect place to roam, climb, and drop your way through a weekend.

Mitchell is a Bicycle Friendly community.